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Diploma in mechanical engineering, Eligibility, Course Details (Up polytechnic )

Duration 3 YearsLevel Diploma After 10th
Type DiplomaEligibility 10th

Mechanical engineering is a field of study that deals with mechanical devices. But in India, it is the least valued field of engineering. Why? There are many reasons for it:


  1. A Diploma in mechanical engineering is not a prized career here.
  2. Most of the time your near and dear ones talk against it.
  3. They tell you to take some other engineering subject instead.

For Example,

  • Computer Science,
  • Civil engineering,
  • Electronic Engineering, etc.

People don’t even see it as a good career option. Wondering why? Just because people don’t know of its scope. Moreover, they don’t know the future hopes and job opportunities. Contrasting is that it can truly help you live your dream life.

Diploma in mechanical engineering career and scope 2023


Diploma in mechanical engineering- Common Myths in India

Before knowing more about the Diploma in mechanical engineering and scope, let me first explain the myths. Now, what is a myth? Myth is a word that means ‘unreal’. They say that when a lie is spread for ages, people start taking it to be real. But that is not true. Similarly, the common lie in mechanical engineering is the lack of jobs. People think it is hard to get a job if you have a Diploma in mechanical engineering. This line is wrong. Youcan easily find many high paying jobs in it. That is if you study in detail.


On social media, so often, we see jokes about mechanical engineers. Especially in India, these jokes are common. It is because people don’t know of its scope. Indeed, it is not as funny as it is shown. A Diploma in mechanical engineering is one serious thing. It can get you a six-figure job abroad.

Diploma in mechanical engineering: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

As the name hints, it is a part of engineering. When you seek a diploma in mechanical engineering, you get to know about the traits of devices. Meanwhile, these traits are joined with many things.

For Example,


  • The construction,
  • designing,
  • development,
  • and testing of tools, machines, and motors, etc.

Mechanical engineers work with technology. They change and improve devices. These tools help humans to live a more comfortable life.

Of course, there is learning about machines and their work. But it has several other subjects also. In the next section, we are going to discuss them in detail. Many mechanical engineering subjects deal with many types of devices and tools. Let us discuss them in detail.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is a twelfth level Diploma course which deals with the field of engineering. Mechanical engineering is a discipline of engineering that applies the principles of physics and materials science for analysis, design, manufacturing, and maintenance of mechanical systems. Diploma in Mechanical Engineering seeks to provide more accessible and quality education and training to manufacturing or production personnel to meet the real work needs of the manufacturing or production industry and prepare them for the changes in techniques, technologies, markets and employment patterns. This Diploma is equivalent to Diploma offered by the Technical Education System and is equivalent to any of the similar diplomas offered by and other university/polytechnic in India. The minimum time duration is three years and the maximum is six years.

A diploma in Mechanical Engineering duration is a 3-year-old undergraduate degree that deals with a study on the fundamentals of mechanical engineering and designing machines, mainly contrary to primary principles. The main aim of this course is to design, develop, analyze and ease mechanical operations. The Diploma in Mechanical Engineering course offers enormous job opportunities for aspirants in private, government sectors all over India and abroad.


Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Course Details

Full FormDiploma in Mechanical Engineering
DurationCourse Duration of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering is 3 Years.
AgeNo Specification
Minimum Percentage45% or equivalent from any Recognized Education Board
Average Fees IncurredINR 10k – 2 LPA
Similar Options of StudyDiploma in Automobile Engineering, Diploma in Mechatronics
Average Salary OfferedINR 2 – 7 LPA
Employment RolesMechanical Engineer, Sales Engineer, Technician, Quality Engineer, Service Engineer, Design Engineer, Lab Assistants, etc.

About Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

Columbia University defines Mechanical Engineering as “the study of objects and systems in motion. As such, the field of mechanical engineering touches virtually every aspect of modern life, including the human body, a highly complex machine.”

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering duration is a 3-year-old course which is divided into six semesters. The essential subjects of Diploma in Mechanical Engineering are mostly mathematics (calculus, differential equations, and linear algebra). Subjects related to science, physics, and chemistry. The job scope for a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering students is available in almost every private and public sector of various reputed organizations with job responsibilities.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Eligibility

(A) (i) 10th pass with 55 percent marks; or 
(ii) 10th pass with ITI certificate; or
(iii) 10th pass with Certificate in Motorcycle Service and Repair (CMSR) of IGNOU; or 
(iv) 12th pass with Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry

(B) Candidates should be employed in Central or State-level manufacturing industries or in public or private manufacturing industries or in other related organizations employing similar manpower or self-employed in equivalent capacity.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Syllabus

Syllabus of Mechanical Engineering as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges.

Sr. No.Subjects of Study
1Mathematics I
4Applied Mechanics
5Lab I (Applied Sciences)
6Lab II (Applied Mechanics)
7Engineering Materials
8Engineering Drawing
9Mathematics II
10Computer Basics
11Technical Documentation
12Manufacturing Processes I
13Lab III (Manufacturing Practices I)
14Lab IV (Computer Application)
15Strength of Materials
16Elementary Civil Engineering
17Machine Drawing
18Basics of Thermal Engineering
19Electrical Technology
20Lab V (Strength of Materials)
21Lab VI (Thermal Engineering)
22Fluid Mechanics
23Lab IX (Fluid Mechanics)
24Industrial Management
26Applied Thermal Engineering
27Manufacturing Processes II
28Lab VIII (Manufacturing Practices II)
29Computer Integrated Manufacturing
30Theory of Machines
31CNC Machines
32Power Plant Engineering
33Manufacturing Processes III
35Machine Design
36Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC)
37Automobile Engineering
38Metrology and Instrumentation
40Lab VII Metrology and Instrumentation
41Lab X Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Suitability

  • Candidates should have excellent mechanical engineering skills, as well as technical drawing and computer skills for designing machines and equipment can for it. 
  • They must have numeric skills such as mathematics that is an important tool, an inquisitive and logical mind to make connections between ideas and handle abstract concepts, creative and innovative ideas to find solutions to problems which may need a new perspective, good practical skills to apply math’s and science to real problems. 

It is suitable for those who are willing to go for teaching fields at a higher degree level.

How is Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Course Beneficial?

  • Candidates having passed their graduation degree or an additional management degree could find work in administrative and managerial positions in government departments or public and private sector industries or do research as well as teaching in Research and teaching institutes. 
  • This course prepares the students to go for various educational, mechanical and related jobs. After this course one can go for higher degree programs in respective subjects. 
  • They have also an option for technical sales/marketing or work as independent consultants.

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Employment Areas

  • Colleges and Universities
  • John Deere – Pune
  • PaltechTM Cooling Towers Equipments
  • NEPC – New Delhi
  • Eagle Infotech – Gandhinagar
  • Alstom – Bangalore
  • Nura Engineering Pvt. Ltd. – Delhi

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering Job Types

  • Assist. Manager
  • Process Development Technologist
  • Section Head
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Sales Engineer
  • Technician
  • Assistance Professor
  • Trainee
  • Manufacturing Manager



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