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Download Energy Conservation book PDF Download Vidya Question Bank 4th Semester pdf download


Energy Conservation book PDF Download

Energy Conservation detail BTEUP Diploma syllabus for Electrical & Electronics Engineering, effective from 20022, is collected from BTEUP 2022 Syllabus official website and presented for diploma students. The course details such as exam duration, Teaching Hr/week, Practical Hr/week, Total Marks, internal marks, theory marks, duration and credits do visit complete sem subjects post given below. The syllabus PDFs can be downloaded from official website.


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→पॉलिटेक्निक 4TH सेमेस्टर बुक ऊर्जा संरक्षण की बुक PDF अपलोड हो चुका है। 

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Energy Conservation Book PDF Download In Hindi

For all other electrical & electronics 4th sem bteup diploma syllabus 2022 you can visit Electrical & Electronics 4th Sem BTEUP Diploma Syllabus 2022 Subjects. The detail syllabus for energy conservation is as follows.

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Book NameEnergy Conservation
PublicationVidya Question Bank
Semester4th Semester
Size77 MB
Book Contenthindi ( Only)
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The requirement of energy has increased manifolds in last two decades due to rapid urbanization and growth in industrial/service sector. It has become challenging task to meet ever increasing energy demands with limited conventional fuels and natural resources. Due to fast depletion of fossil fuels and a tremendous gap between supply and demand of energy, it is essential to adopt energy conservation techniques in almost every field like industries, commercial and residential sectors etc.

Energy conservation has attained priority as it is regarded as additional energy resource. Energy saved is energy produced. This course covers the concepts of energy management and its conservation. It gives the insight to energy conservation opportunities in general industry and details out energy audit methodology and energy audit instruments.


1. Basics of Energy

  1. Classification of energy- primary and secondary energy, commercial and noncommercial energy, non-renewable and renewable energy with special reference to solar energy, Capacity factor of solar and wind power generators.
  2. Global fuel reserve
  3. Energy scenario in India and state of U.P. Sector-wise energy consumption (domestic, industrial, agricultural and othersectors)
  4. Impact of energy usage on climate

2. Energy Conservation and EC Act 2001

3. Electrical Supply System and Motors

  1. Types of electrical supply system
  2. Single line diagram
  3. Losses in electrical power distribution system
  4. Understanding Electricity Bill
    1. Transformers Tariff structure
    2. Components of power (kW, kVA and kVAR) and power factor, improvement of power factor
    3. Concept of sanctioned load, maximum demand, contract demand and monthly minimum charges (MMC)
  5. Transformers
    1. Introduction
    2. Losses in transformer
    3. Transformer Loading
    4. Tips for energy savings in transformers
  6. Electric Motors
    1. Types of motors
    2. Losses in induction motors
    3. Features and characteristics of energy efficient motors
    4. Estimation of motor loading
    5. Variation in efficiency and power factor with loading
    6. Tips for energy savings in motors

4. Energy Efficiency in Electrical Utilities

  1. Pumps
    1. Introduction to pump and its applications
    2. Efficient pumping system operation
    3. Energy efficiency in agriculture pumps
    4. Tips for energy saving in pumps
  2. Compressed Air System
    1. Types of air compressor and its applications
    2. Leakage test
    3. Energy saving opportunities in compressors.
  3. Energy Conservation in HVAC and Refrigeration System
    1. Introduction
    2. Concept of Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER)
    3. Energy saving opportunities in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Refrigeration Systems.

5. Lighting and DG Systems

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6. Energy Efficiency in Thermal Utilities

  1. Thermal Basics
    1. Types of fuels
    2. Thermal energy
    3. Energy content in fuels
    4. Energy Units and its conversions in terms of Metric Tonne of Oil Equivalent (MTOE)
  2. Energy Conservation in boilers and furnaces
    1. Introduction and types of boilers
    2. Energy performance assessment of boilers
    3. Concept of stoichiometric air and excess air for combustion
    4. Energy conservation in boilers and furnaces
    5. Do’s and Don’ts for efficient use of boilers and furnaces
  3. Cooling Towers
    1. Basic concept of cooling towers
    2. Tips for energy savings in cooling towers
  4. Efficient Steam Utilization

7. Energy Conservation Building Code (ECBC)

  1. ECBC and its salient features
  2. Tips for energy savings in buildings
    1. New Buildings
    2. Existing Buildings

8. Waste Heat Recovery and Co-Generation

9. General Energy Saving Tips Energy saving tips in:

  1. Lighting
  2. Room Air Conditioner
  3. Refrigerator
  4. Water Heater
  5. Computer
  6. Fan, Heater, Blower and Washing Machine
  7. Colour Television
  8. Water Pump
  9. Cooking
  10. Transport

10. Energy Audit

  1. Types and methodology
  2. Energy audit instruments
  3. Energy auditing reporting format

List of Experiments:

  1. To conduct load survey and power consumption calculations of small building.
  2. To check efficacy of different lamps by measuring power consumption and lumens using lux meter.
  3. To measure energy efficiency ratio (EER) of an air conditioner.
  4. To measure effect of valve throttling and variable frequency drive (VFD ) on energy consumption by centrifugal pump.
  5. To measure and calculate energy saving by arresting air leakages in compressor.
  6. To measure the effect of blower speed on energy consumed by it.



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