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[pdf] Vidya Question Bank Polytechnic Electrical Design, Drawing and Estimating PDF free download


Electrical Engineering 4th Semester syllabus 2021

Electrical Design, Drawing and Estimating-I detail BTEUP Diploma syllabus for Electrical Engineering, effective from 2022 is collected from BTEUP 2022 Syllabus official website and presented for diploma students. The course details such as exam duration, Teaching Hr/week, Practical Hr/week, Total Marks, internal marks, theory marks, duration and credits do visit complete sem subjects post given below. The syllabus PDFs can be downloaded from official website.


Vidya Question Bank Polytechnic PDF free download

Book NameEnergy Conservation
PublicationVidya Question Bank
Semester4th Semester
Size77 MB
Book Contenthindi ( Only)

Diploma Electrical Engineering 4th Sem subjects

For all other electrical eng 4th sem bteup diploma syllabus 2022 you can visit Electrical Eng 4th Sem BTEUP Diploma Syllabus 2022 Subjects. The detail syllabus for electrical design, drawing and estimating-i is as follows.

Electrical Engineering 4th semester syllabus 2022



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1. Electrical Symbols and Diagrams


  1. Type of diagrams – Wiring diagrams (multiple and single line representation) and schematic diagrams as per I.S.S.

One Drawing Sheet for atleast – 50 symbols.

2. Wiring materials and acessaries :

Electrical Diploma 4th Sem subject Code

3. Light and Fan Circuits :

Schematic and wiring diagrams (multiline and single line both) using junction boxes and looping systems for the following types of circuits:-

  1. Light and fan controlled by necessary switches and regulators.
  2. Stair case wiring
  3. Corridor lighting
  4. One lamp controlled by three or more switches.


One drawing sheet for atleast 4- problems.

Wiring practice for atleast 3-circuits.

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4. Alarm Circuits:

Reading, designing and drawing schematic and wiring diagrams (multiline and single line) of following alarm circuits:-

  1. Circuits meant to convey information by means of light only.
  2. Circuits meant to convey information by means of bell signals only. (One bell controled by one push button switch, Bell responds circuits using one bell and relay, Bell responds circuits of an office or three rooms)
  3. Circuits meant to convey information by means of bell and light both for call signals.
  4. Circuits meant to convey information by means of bell and light to give ‘stop’ and ‘go’ signals.
  5. Traffic control light system for 2 road crossing
  6. A light circuit with gets automatically connected to DC supply in case of power failure.

8-Drawing sheets for atleast 6-problems of each type.

Wiring practice for atleast – 2-circuits of each type.

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5. Estimation of Domestic Internal Wiring Circuits : (Small Houses)

6. Assembly Drawings:-

  1. Assembly drawing of simple electrical equipment from actual piece or from a pictorial view (carbon brush holder, open knife switch, miniature circuit breaker, motor terminal block, and similar other electrical items).
  2. Poles, towers cables and instulators

7. Electrical Design :

Design of small transformers upt 1 KVA and chokes, heaters. Transformer connections and bushing. Introduction to Computer Aided Design(AutoCAD) Of a small transformer, chock and bushing (2 sheet)

8. Armature Winding of D.C.Machines:

List of Experiments:

  1. To prepare a folder/display board of accessaries used in domestic wiring with complete specifications.
  2. To prepare a display board of tools used in wiring and fabrication shop.
  3. Batten wiring containing light, ceiling fan, socket points.
  4. Staircase wiring using two way switches.
  5. Connection of a flourescent tube using starter, choke and single way switch and its fault detection.
  6. Practice of domestic conduit wiring.
  7. Testing of wiring instalation by meggar.
  8. Connection of mercury lamp along with accessaries.
  9. Making of an extension board containing two 5 A and 15 Amp plug points controlled by individual switches using MCB/ELCB (Earth Leakage Circuit Braker)
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